"The customer service is always exceptional!!! I feel that i don't get jacked around on what actually needs to be fixed." ★★★★★

Floyd T.

"That they will service your vehicle efficiently, thoroughly and promptly at reasonable prices." ★★★★★


"I have referred people because of the great quality of work and customer service." ★★★★★

Donna M.

"Fast, thorough,fair priced, dependable, honest and worth the drive !! I have shops closer to home, but can't say that I trust them. I trust Jeremy and his staff completely." ★★★★★

Nancy C.

"I was completely satisfied with the work that was done on my car. I have 100% confidence in the quality of the mechanics!" ★★★★★

Mary R.

"I feel confident when I take my vehicle in for service that whatever was needed has been addressed correctly. The customer service is exceptional." ★★★★★

Jayson S.

"Very good communication! Explained everything perfectly, at a fair price." ★★★★★

Pamela S.

"They are always upfront and honest about my car's needs and their prices are competitive." ★★★★★

Beau D.

"I can say that being in the customer service industry myself, Nordgren does an exemplary job of the way auto maintenance should be. It is possible to have customer service in automotive repair. If you are looking for a great shop look no further." ★★★★★